Dame Paz


Fede Pumar


  • Branding
  • Multimedia

The singer and composer Fede Pumar entrusted us with producing a video clip for the first cut of his album “Dame Paz.”

Case study

First of all, the client asked us to make a video clip that would leave a mark on his career and a style to position him as a first-rate artist. In addition, it had to be different from everything he had been doing and different from other genre artists. Lastly, the client gives us creative freedom to develop the video clip’s script, design, and audiovisual production. All this led to getting a suitable product that exceeded his expectations and launching his solo career.


Finally, we reached a piece of great production and aesthetic quality; an expressive story, almost dreamlike. The original idea was to capture a concept and a feeling on the screen, something not literal at all; that expresses the true sense of the artist and the most vivid expression of emotion. For its part, the script, costumes, scouting, and props, converged harmoniously in a production that was raised as a challenge for the entire Team and achieved in just 17 hours of filming.


Finally, the clip was filmed in a single uninterrupted day and with a technical team of only seven people. So it was pretty challenging due to the production size: 64 shots that included rain, set design, traveling cars, cranes, and liters and liters of coffee. Likewise, everything flowed to achieve one of our best video clips and form a beautiful human group. Lastly, remembering our client’s tears of joy upon seeing the finished product is priceless.