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Markets and businesses

In this category of the Bigsur Branding blog, we will find articles related to markets and businesses. These are essential topics for professionals, business people, and entrepreneurs.

We will start by discussing the issues of convergence and divergence and the new landscape of markets and businesses.

What companies need to strengthen their brands is, first of all, to be clear about the power of the divergence principle. Second, they should apply it in developing new product categories from existing ones. And finally, put all their efforts into becoming the first brand in these new categories.

The opportunities for a brand’s growth and positioning are not in the existing markets but in creating new ones. In this globalized world, competing in already consolidated markets is impossible. There, supply and demand are fragmented, with little room for new players.

The principles of convergence and divergence are closely related to a significant concept, such as positioning. This concept frames the “reason why” for every brand. That is to leave a profound mark on consumers, become their standard, and become a loved brand.

Brands’ behavior and relationship with consumers are crucial to understanding the current branding situation. It is also essential to plan the future and anticipate changes. It is interesting to observe the changing environment in which brands find themselves today and how this forces them to rethink all their marketing and communication strategies.

Finally, we will see how trends influence markets.

Increasingly, this early detection of trends in different audiences is becoming a determining factor for the survival of companies and, consequently, their brands.