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You will find various articles in these branding blogs that may interest you. We will touch on branding, design, communication, and positioning issues.

First, we will talk about brand DNA, what it is and how to build it.

DNA comes to be a compendium of genetic information of living beings. In the same way, brands, as living beings, are born, grow, reproduce and die. That means we could find different key aspects in the DNA of a brand. For example, we have the emotional part, numerical, unique proposal, personality, and philosophy. That is why the DNA of a brand, its essence, is crucial when determining its growth and evolution. Thus, it makes it the backbone of a brand’s identity; what is and what is not a brand. At the same time, it defines your personality, way of acting, virtues, needs, past, present, and future.

On the other hand, we will talk about branding issues such as brand equity. In this way, understanding the true power of brands and their ability to influence the hearts of consumers is a primary condition to manage brand equity growth. It refers not only to the USP but also to its symbolic, emotional, or aspirational value. Thus, we can see this value in all brand’s marketing and communication actions that consumers perceive.

We will also tell you how to build a successful brand and the keys to developing good practices for branding. We will give you some step-by-step tips so that you can put together your checklist.